January: Connection [german: Verbindung]

01.01.2024 (day 1) - 31.01.2024 (day 31)

noun (also mainly UK or old-fashioned connexion) | UK: /kəˈnek.ʃən/ US:/kəˈnek.ʃən/

The term 'connection' has various meanings depending on the context.

Social or emotional connection refers to a relationship between individuals characterized by feelings of closeness, understanding, or emotional bonding.
This can be observed in friendships, romantic relationships, family ties, or professional relationships. In a physical or mechanical context, physical connection refers to the joining or linking of two or more objects. This fragment discusses the concept of connection in various fields, including construction, engineering, and the assembly of devices or components.
It also explains the idea of technological or digital connection, which involves linking computers, networks, or devices to enable communication and data exchange.
Examples of this include internet connections, Bluetooth connections, or network links in information technology. Finally, the fragment discusses electrical connections in electrical engineering, which refers to linking electrical circuits, devices, or components to allow the flow of electricity.

Der Begriff "Verbindung" hat je nach Kontext verschiedene Bedeutungen.

Eine soziale oder emotionale Verbindung bezieht sich auf eine Beziehung zwischen Personen, die durch Gefühle der Nähe, des Verständnisses oder der emotionalen Bindung gekennzeichnet ist.
Dies kann in Freundschaften, romantischen Beziehungen, Familienbanden oder beruflichen Beziehungen beobachtet werden. In einem physischen oder mechanischen Kontext bezieht sich die physische Verbindung auf die Zusammenführung oder Verknüpfung von zwei oder mehr Objekten. In diesem Fragment wird das Konzept der Verbindung in verschiedenen Bereichen erörtert, z. B. im Bauwesen, in der Technik und bei der Montage von Geräten oder Komponenten.
Es wird auch die Idee der technologischen oder digitalen Verbindung erläutert, bei der Computer, Netzwerke oder Geräte miteinander verbunden werden, um Kommunikation und Datenaustausch zu ermöglichen.
Beispiele hierfür sind Internetverbindungen, Bluetooth-Verbindungen oder Netzwerkverbindungen in der Informationstechnologie. Schließlich werden in dem Fragment elektrische Verbindungen in der Elektrotechnik erörtert, die sich auf die Verbindung von Stromkreisen, Geräten oder Komponenten beziehen, um den Stromfluss zu ermöglichen.

Images of January

#001 // Knowledge // connection [german: Verbindung]
Knowledge connects generations and brings people closer together. Education and research have indeed played a significant role in German history and continue to be important pillars of the country's identity and development. Germany has a long-standing tradition of excellence in education and research, dating back to institutions like the University of Heidelberg (founded in 1386) and the Humboldt University of Berlin (founded in 1810). However, it's not uncommon for countries, including Germany, to have ongoing discussions and debates about the direction of their education and research systems, as well as their broader vision for the future. These discussions often revolve around issues like funding, curriculum reform, the role of research in society, and how to adapt to changing global challenges.
#002 // Reflections // connection [german: Verbindung]
The Moon reflects the light of the Sun. It takes 27.3 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth once. In the same period, it rotates exactly once on its axis. This is why we always see the same side of the Moon. The phases of the Moon arise from the shadows that the Earth casts upon the Moon, and depending on the position, a portion of the Moon's surface is darkened. A lunar phase cycle lasts about 29.5 days and includes the new moon, waxing crescent, full moon, and waning crescent. Without the Moon, the world would be a different place. he Moon will connect humanity with the solar system by building a spaceport.
#003 // North Star // connection [german: Verbindung]
The invention of the compass made the world smaller, Peoples connected and the conquest of the earth by humans was made possible. The compass helps one to find. But why do we search? Curiosity and the strong inner desire to discover new things drive me. At the same time, it is infinitely beautiful to connect with someone and to stay. The one North Star in life - forever, no matter how long 'forever' lasts.
#004 // Time | connection [german: Verbindung]
Time connects the past and the future. Perhaps time is just a theoretical construct in physics, used to express changes. Time describes sequences of events and has a distinct, irreversible direction: the increase of entropy in a closed system. In the theory of relativity, time, together with space, forms a four-dimensional space-time. The smallest possible time interval is called Planck time. It is 5.391247 x 10^(-44) seconds short. Irreversible Direction? It seems that hearts can overcome time if they believe in themselves enough. Can love overcome time in 'forever'?
#005 // Window Pane // connection [german: Verbindung]
The reflections in the glass unite the inner and outer worlds. The images merge into a story that itself seems to tell something new. Every book tells a story, every person carries their own story with them. They all seemed different. How can we use the differences to make a common story out of them? Maybe in the end it's the differences that bring the tension.
#006 // Minimal Structure // connection [german: Verbindung]
A window that barely lets light into the room. The image radiates tranquility in its gray monotony and simple geometry. No element is too much, nothing is missing. Every element seems to be in the right place.
For my restless mind, such images are infinitely soothing - like an embrace from the person one loves. The world stands still and everything is connected. Arrived, at home, and close. Love and Peace.
#007 // Tradition // connection [german: Verbindung]
In Germany, it is a tradition to eat Berliners on New Year's Eve. For this, Germans often willingly stand in the typical German queue. Leer, Niedersachsen.
#008 // directions // connection [german: Verbindung]
Often, it only takes a small hint to find the right path and perhaps happiness in life. True love does not blind but shows one the right way.
#009 // perfection // connection [german: Verbindung]
Stairs connect above and below. The simple geometry of a circular staircase appears straightforward and simultaneously gives one the feeling of being the ideal form. Nothing more is needed. A simple design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Minimalism in its purest form leads to perfection. Minimalism is perfection.
#010 // foreign soulmates // connection [german: Verbindung]
Sometimes the drops on the pane appear clearer to one than the object behind it. Like tears that can cloud one's clear thoughts, or the view into a soul that one does not understand. What can one learn from this These small, insignificant things in our immediate environment can magnify or diminish our perception like a lens - depending on how one looks at it. Regardless, it takes courage to do so.
#011 // on a trip // connection [german: Verbindung]
The tram in San Francisco attracts many people. The view of the streets sometimes appears surreal and makes one thoughtful. Thoughts drift away, and the moment merges into a timeless unity. There is no time for mindfulness.
#012 // tunnel // connection [german: Verbindung]
Tunnels connect two sides. Sometimes one must muster the courage to go through, but it is worth it to discover the other side. Where will the next tunnel take you?
#013 // perspective // connection [german: Verbindung]
Adopting a different point of view can be challenging. It's surprising how the world looks from a different perspective. Confronting the thoughts and feelings of another love is even more difficult. Discovering 'The Other' will always remain a task – don't give up.
#014 // selfportrait, on the way // connection [german: Verbindung]
Sometimes the most interesting images lie along the way. Not obvious. They do not impose themselves. Rather, they challenge the observer and want to be found. The shadow on the stairs follows the line of the steps and combines hard and soft shapes into "a unity".
#015 // the bike // connection [german: Verbindung]

India (April 2007, Khimsar) is colorful and vibrant, just like its history and inhabitants. There are wonderful people one can meet. It took me a while to be able to open up to it. Getting closer to a stranger is one thing - opening one's heart to someone close is another.

#016 // structure // connection [german: Verbindung]
The Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery in Milan (May 2009), has served as a model for many galleries worldwide since its inauguration on September 15, 1867. Its lavish architecture and inviting forms encourage visitors to linger. Galleries like this connect people around the world in a special way.
#017 // happy boy // connection [german: Verbindung]
Dogs are wonderful creatures that meet us with unconditional love. The connection between dog and human is special. Anyone who has experienced this will never forget it. Dogs are special but... Unconditional love is wonderful. Find someone to share it with and make sure you work on that love every day. Nothing is given, but unconditional love is a gift."
#018 // selfportrait, on the way II // connection [german: Verbindung]
Seeing and observing oneself feels good. Berlin 2023, my distorted self, 52, unclear where it should go. Security is sometimes an illusion and wishful thinking. Courage as well. On this day, I made the decision to make 2024 a special year and to find myself.
#019 // perspective // connection [german: Verbindung]
Münster, January 2024 – This passage connects and at the same time separates the people on the other side and me. Unknown, curious, and shy, this picture was created.
#020 // walking away // connection [german: Verbindung]
Proximity and distance, the game of love. Berlin 2024. Sometimes days feel wonderful and sometimes terrible. When does closeness become torture and distance turn into pain? The inner desire for peace is seldom fulfilled. Does that even exist? How can I create a life, a love that is fulfilling? Also for myself.
#021 // little world // connection [german: Verbindung]
India (April 2007, Udaipur). Vehicles connect people. Ever since faster means of transportation have been available, distances have become increasingly shorter and people are reaching ever more distant destinations. Nevertheless, there are still goals that may remain unattainable.
#022 // "Himmelsleiter" // connection [german: Verbindung]
The 'Himmelsleiter' (Heaven's Ladder) in St Lambert's Cathedral in Münster Jan. 2024 is a symbol of an enduring connection. In this case it connects heaven and earth, above and below, and God with man. I miss God somehow.
Die Himmelsleiter in Münster Jan. 2024 auf Sankt Lamberti ist ein Symbol für dauerhafte Verbindung. In diesem Fall verbindet sie Himmel und Erde, oben und unten und Gott mit dem Menschen. Ich vermisse Gott.
Billi Thanners Himmelsleiter in Sankt Lamberti
#023 // home of my heart // connection [german: Verbindung]
An indescribable view. For me, however, a very special place. Early morning, making coffee, I stand here after a wonderful night full of closeness and connection. Now only a ripped memory, senseless, powerless - free.
Ein unbeschreiblicher Ausblick. Für mich jedoch ein sehr besonderer Ort. Frühmorgens, den Kaffee zubereitend, stand ich hier, nach einer wunderbaren Nacht voller Nähe und Verbindung. Jetzt nur noch eine entrissene Erinnerung, sinnlos, ohnmächtig – frei.
#024 // Gang of Four // connection [german: Verbindung]
Four friends are walking together through the snow. I took this picture in 2008 in Ufa (Russia), long before Russia's brutal war of aggression against Ukraine. Peace should unite the peoples. Unfortunately, it seems to be just an abstract wish. LOVE Michael
#025 // blurred mind // connection [german: Verbindung]

Love is life.

Love is what demands everything from you.

Love is what gives you everything.
Love is what takes everything from you.
Love is unreasonable.

Love is what will cause you the most pain.
Love is what makes you feel.
Love is happiness.

Without love there is no life, no meaning.

Liebe ist Leben.

Liebe ist das, was dir alles abverlangt.

Liebe ist das, was dir alles schenkt.
Liebe ist das, was dir alles nimmt.
Liebe ist unvernünftig.

Liebe ist das, was dir den größten Schmerz zufügen wird.
Liebe ist das, was dich spüren lässt.
Liebe ist Glück.

Ohne Liebe kein Leben, kein Sinn.

#026 // yellow tint // connection [german: Verbindung]

Blurry reflections leave room for imagination. In January 2024, Münster Harbor, there is a building - a factory or perhaps a residential house. The water flows and reflects reality. It can mirror reality. It finds its way, even if there are occasional delays.

Unscharfe Reflexionen lassen der Phantasie Raum. Im Januar 2024 zeigt sich ein Gebäude am Münster Hafen. Es bleibt unklar, ob es sich um eine Fabrik oder ein Wohnhaus handelt. Wasser fließt und kann die Realität widerspiegel. Es findet seinen Weg, auch wenn es zwischendurch auch mal staut.

#027 // LWL // connection [german: Verbindung]

Art connects in its own unique way. Reflection or transparency, unclear and confusing, the area in front of the LWL presents itself, similar to some of the artworks within.

Kunst verbindet auf ihre eigene Art und Weise. Reflexion oder Transparenz, unklar und verwirrend zeigt sich der Platz vor dem LWL, ähnlich wie manche Kunstwerke darin. Münster Jan. 2024 . location

#028 // LIEBE // connection [german: Verbindung]

There is nothing more to say. But if it's true, why do we miss it so often Münster Jan. 2024.

Es gibt nicht weiter zu sagen. Aber wenn es wahr ist, warum fehlt sie uns so oft. Münster Jan. 2024
(It's all about = Es geht nur um)

#029 // feed me // connection [german: Verbindung]

July 17, 2005 in Hanover Zoo, the connection between humans and animals is often very close. Big and small, powerful and powerless meet here.

17. Juli 2005 im Zoo Hannover, die Verbindung zwischen Mensch und Tier oft sehr eng. Hier treffen sich Groß und Klein, Mächtige und Unmächtige.

#030 // Harenberg // connection [german: Verbindung]

People quickly walk past me. Not a moment without movement. No connection, lost and rushed.

Schnell laufen die Menschen an mir vorbei. Kein Moment ohne Bewegung. Keine Verbindung, verloren und gehetzt

#031 // winter love // connection [german: Verbindung]

Cold on the outside, warm at heart. This is the last day of January.

Außen kalt, im Herzen warm. Das ist der letzte Tag im Januar.